Stepsister Zoey 

Zoey's Specialties: ABDLs/Family Fun Role Play/Voyeurism


Hi, I'm Stepsister Zoey. I've seen you watching me. You think you've been clever and haven't been caught, but I know your tricks. 

I know you have a peep hole in the back of my closet. Every day when I come home from school I see that the closet is open and my clothes are pushed apart. Odd, because i don't leave them that way. I have to ask, though, do you like what you see? I certainly enjoy knowing I'm being watched and even more I like showing off for you. Haven't you noticed how I like to tease? How I slide my bra off slowly and then just barely let you get a peek of my high pointed nipples? What about how I slide my panties down my legs? I see I have you intrigued. 

If you have time and wanna talk I'll be over at the playroom waiting to chat. I'll also be watching the forum for any messages addressed to me. 



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