School Nurse Mary

School Nurse Mary's Specialties: Medical Fetish/Nurse/Patient role play/Sex Education/Enemas

My Story

I'm Mary, your school nurse. What brings you to my office today? A tummy ache, you say? I have just the thing to make you feel better--it's called an enema. 

I'm going to prepare a solution of warm soapy water and while I'm doing that you need to unbutton your pants and lean over the exam table. I know you're scared, but just think about how good you're going to feel afterward. Don't just stand there. Go on and do as I say. You don't think you can? Of course you can, you--oh, I see the problem. You're worried that I'm going to see your hard pee pee. Well young man, it's too late. I see the bulge in the front of your pants and since I've seen many a hard pee pee, yours is no different. I'll take care of that problem for you, too. 

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