Granny Rosalie 

Granny Rosalie's Specialties: Spanking/Birds and Bees/loving granny/infantilism/diaper changes

Hi, ya'll, I'm Rosalie, a strict southern granny and down south we say, if you spare the rod you spoil the child! 

You think I'm old and don't see you're up to mischief, but I know everything. When you're bad I'll take you right out to the woodshed and give you the whooping you deserve. While we're in that woodshed I'll teach some important life lessons-things that every good boy should know. Like all the different ways to take care of a stiff pee-pee. As long as you're good and do as you're told, my hands will be gentle and my manner nurturing. I'll make you feel good all over. But remember, if you're bad, it's a razor strap for you!


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