Nurse Paula

Nurse Paula's Specialties: Medical Fetish--Nurse/Patient role play--Sex Education--enemas


Hi, there! You can call me Paula. I became a nurse because bodies and body functions fascinate me. Now, my profession allows me to get up close and personal with you. Be warned though, the only way I take temperatures is in in the rectum--that's to get the most accurate reading. 

I know you're nervous about visiting my office, but don't worry. I promise to be gentle while I get you all checked out and give you a clean bill of health. And just so you know, you're not the only patient I've had who's hard on tents his exam gown. My high round titties inside my scrubs and curvy behind tend to have that effect on the boys who come to see me. I know just what to do with that hard on. 

Message me on AOL, track me down in the playroom or start a convo with me in the forum. I can't wait to discuss your fantasies further. *Wink*

CALL ME NOW AT 1-888-851-1772

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