Mommy                    Nina 

Mommy Nina's Specialties: Ageplay/Sissification/Diapering/Lingerie


I'm mommy Nina and I once had a husband who liked to play with my panties when I wasn't home. I came home one day and found him dressed in my clothes and lingerie. While I don't know who you are, I know your type. Men are all the same and there's a little sissy inside you who's dying to get in my panty drawer. 

You think you're clever and you think you've been keeping your secret hidden, but mommy knows everything! You like to take off your briefs and slide a pair of my lacy panties over your hard pee pee and stroke yourself. Believe it or not, I understand your secret impulses. Not only do I understand, I also enjoy playtime with you. I can be a very naughty mommy.

If you're an adult baby, diaper lover, or sissy looking for some hot phone sex, Dial A Mommy is the place to be. Give me a call.

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