Stepsister Mia 

Mia's Specialties: Small Penis Humiliation/Dress up/Punishing Naughty Ones/Diaper Lover Sex/ Diaper Sex


Hi, I'm Mia and I love to tease. What the matter? You gonna cry when I make fun of your itty bitty?

That's right, I'm going to tease you mercilessly about that little weenie you're so proud of. It's not much to be proud of at all. In fact, it's so small I don't think you can be called a boy. I think you're more of a girl and I'm going to dress you like one. I'm going to put you in a leotard and tutu and make you dance. You're going to sing I'm a Little Teacup! 

Oh yes, I can see you're going to cry. but those big tears just make me LOL and want to tease you more! 

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