Mallory                          Mommy In Training

Mallory's Specialties: Playing dress-up ~ ABDL~ potty training

What is a mommy in training, you ask? It means that I'm still learning how to be the best mommy I can so that you can have the best mommy experience ever. There's a special place in my heart for adult babies and diaper lovers. I'm a girl for all fetishes relating to the AB/DL world and I enjoy and nice phone sex session to keep me on my toes as I work my way toward being a mommy out of training. I'm here to fulfill all of your desires of being a little baby. I'll keep all of your secrets and promise not to tell anyone the all naughty things you have on your mind. And if you want to touch me, that's okay too. I know you're a bABy trapped inside a big boy body with big boy reactions. In my nursery there's no such thing as an inappropriate touch as long as you're touching the right way.


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