Stepsister Leah 

Leah's Specialties: Diapering Bad Boys/ABDLS/Family Fun Role Play


Hi, I'm Stepsister Leah and I saw what you're hiding in the back of your closet. You see, I like to spy and snoop. And I've seen you sneak away to quiet corners to squat. I know what you're doing. You're making a poopy!

Fastening on a thick disposable diaper excites you. Imagine what mom and dad will say when I expose your secret. And what about your girlfriend. What will she say? Oh, you'll do anything I say if I promise not to tell? 

In that case, I promise not to tell, but one screw up from you and your secret is out. You hesitate just one, you back talk me at all, and I'm going to expose your dirty little secret to the world.

I'll be watching the Dial A Mommy phone sex forum for any messages addressed to me and I'll be hanging out in the playroom. Come chat with me!

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