Diaper Lainey

My specialties: Age play/Role Play/Family Fun/diaper girl

I'm Lainey, and if you haven't already guessed, I have a secret. I'm the baby and I like it that way. My diapers are disposable with pink and blue baby feet printed on them, but I have one that I only bring out for special occasions. It's a blue. Ha! You expected it to be pink, didn't you? Well, I like blue, not pink.

My favorite thing about diapers is the way they crinkle when I move. I also like the heaviness when I make a pee pee in them and need to be changed.

When it comes to phone play, I get into all kinds of kinky fetish role plays. I like being a daddy's girl, daddy's naughty girl who needs a good spanking and pretty much anything else daddy wants to do. 

Please call soon. I'm wet and ready to play.  

If you'd like to chat me up before calling, leave a message for me in the Dial A Mommy phone sex forum or look for me in the playroom


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