Big Momma Joy 

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Hi, I'm Joy, the big beautiful woman of your dreams. I've always been a big girl and I've learned to embrace my enhanced figure. There's more of me and there's nothing I hear my callers say more than, "More Joy! Give me more!" so I give them everything I've got, which is quite a lot. I like skinny little boys who want to bury themselves in my massive curves. My boobies jiggle and I have a warm muffin just for you if you worship me and say please. I'm finding there are many phone sex callers who enjoy a full figured woman like myself. They say I'm wholesome and remind them of home. If that's true they have come from one heck of a home! LOL! 

I get a lot of adult baby and diaper lovers looking for mommy phone sex, but also in need harsh discipline. I own a whip and I'm not afraid to use it, just as I'm not afraid to let you peek under my skirt. That's when things get interesting. Naughty, dirty boys who want to touch all of my private places are always welcome as long as they don't mind if I touch their private places in return. 

If you’re looking for voluptuous mommy phone sex give me a call or look for me in the playroom for some chat or message me in the Dial A Mommy phone sex forum.

To Phone a mommy from dial a mommy call 1-888-851-1772
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 We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit and debit cards. Billed as “Charleigh Enterprise”.  

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