Sitter Jasmine 

Sitter Jasmine's Specialties: Submissive/All ABLD Fantasies/Submissive role play/diapering

For those of you who like a little mocha in your day, I'm submissive sitter Jasmine. I don't think it's pc for me to like being tied up or forced to serve a master, so don't tell the activists. But I do like bondage and for someone to take charge of and force me to do whatever they say. To quote Rihanna, whips and chains excite me. Is that a sick fantasy, to want a strong man to control my body and my mind and tell me what I want and need? My little box gets all wet when I get spanked for reprimanded.  

If you're a dominant personality and want a submissive little miss to play with, I'll be the last submissive you'll ever need. 

If you'd like to chat me up before calling, leave a message for me in the Dial A Mommy forum or look for me in the playroom


CALL ME NOW AT 1-888-851-1772
2.25 per minute/2.75 connection fee

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 We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit and debit cards.
All calls billed discreetly as "Charleigh Enterprise."