Mommy Jade 

Mommy Jade's Specialties: Diaper Humiliation/Bondage/CBT/Extreme Discipline/Smothering


My name is Jade, but you can call me ma'am. As in, yes ma'am. Those are the only words you're allowed to speak in my presence. I've been called a merciless bitch, so, before you call me, you better be sure you have the cojones for session with me.

I have a naughty list, a black book of sorts, of all the men I've punished. Those men range from the lowly bagger at the grocery store for bruising my apples to men in high places who just want to have their balls busted. I've discovered my favorite clients are adult babies and diaper lovers. My punishments are humiliating and painful. Be prepared to sleep on your stomach after a few minutes with me. Oh, and don't forget to swallow a handful of painkillers before you call. I'd hate for you to faint dead away from the pain.  

If you'd like to chat me up before calling, leave a message for me in the Dial A Mommy phone sex forum or look for me in the playroom

I also specialize in ABDL Phone Sex/Mommy Phone sex/Diaper Phone Sex/Phone a Mommy Phone Sex

To Phone a mommy from dial a mommy call 1-888-851-1772
2.25 per minute/2.75 connection fee

we also offer Mommy Phone Sex Free minute specials. Ask the dispatcher for details.

 We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit and debit cards. Billed as “Charleigh Enterprise”.  

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