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Welcome to www.dialamommy.com! This site is for adult babies looking to to phone a mommy, mommy phone sex, abdl phone sex, adult baby phone sex, diaper lovers, infantilism, incontinence, mommy sex , hot milf phone sex, wet diapers, dirty diapers and diaper wearing adults, age regression, diaper domination, diaper humiliation, mistress, mommy domination, sissy humiliation, sissy punishment, diapered girls , diapered boys, diapered sissies, adult nursery, incontinent , adult nanny, adult babysitter, teacher sex, adult bed wetters, incest play, mommy son play, daddy daughter play, over-the-knee spanking, BDSM. CBT, pee pee fetish, poopy fetish, daddy, mommy sex, infantilism, teacher sex, sissy baby, pantyhose, panties boys, foot fetish, anal sex, and so much more. Go  to www.dialamommy.com/main to choose your adult baby mommy.
This site caters to all fetishes. We have no taboos, but we're predominantly Infantilism, abdl, mommy sex and other wet bottom fetishes -- interests which have nothing to do with pedophilia or any other immoral, violent act. All the ladies on this site are truly into the Adult Baby lifestyle. Please, if you are under 18, exit the site. 

This Website contains sexually-oriented adult content! Permission to enter this Website and to view its contents is strictly limited only to consenting adults who affirm that the following conditions apply: 

Adult baby and diaper lover play is an often misunderstood fetish. Most people think that our interest in Paraphilic Infantilism / ABDL / Diaper Fetishists means we are into Pedophilia, which as we all know, is not  true.  Pedophiles have a strong desire to be sexual with pre-pubescent children.  The AB/DL community only folks who wish to be infants.  
Not all are into the same thing.  For some, there is a certain amount of heightened sexual desires when wearing a diaper (this mostly pertains to our friends the DL's).  For others, it is a release, a time of comfort or a need to be coddled and cared for.  We put on a diaper and give up all the stress and worry of life for just a few moments of peace and happiness, which only comes from engaging in the world of diaper wearing.  Then there are even others who mix the two.  
Trying to stuff us nicely and neatly into a box just is not plausible.  There are too many aspects to who we are.  People tend to shy away from things they do not know, foreign things that to them, seem weird.  They become insensitive or abusive in their words and actions when our little "secret" is found out.  Unfortunately, this happens more often than not.
Let us not forget the Mommies and Daddies that some of us are lucky to have in our lives.  People who take great care to cherish and love their little ones, or diaper lover with all their heart.   If you have a care giver; wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband; take a moment to thank them for all they do for you.  Not all are as lucky as you.  
All that being said, is why this site now exists.  It is a place for you to post your pictures, make friends, comment and just have a good time, without the fear or dread of negative comments or e-mails with hurtful or malicious intentions voiced within them.  This is a safe haven for all of you and we want you to be comfortable and just have fun here.  You will find nothing but acceptance and understanding within this site.  So welcome, welcome one and all and enjoy your time with us.

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