Babysitter Holly

Holly's Specialties: Strict sitter role/diaper fun/teasing/forced sissification


You know you have to do exactly what I say! I'm sitter Holly and I'm here to take care of you while your mommy and daddy go out. I'll make you do what I want and there's nothing you can do about it because you're the baby. I'm in charge and I'll put you in diapers or dress you like a girl as I see fit!

You'll think I'm pretty and sweet with my girly girl giggles, and you'll get a bulge in your diaper. That's too bad. I'm not yours to have. I'm only here for you to look at. If you try to flirt with me I'll put you in a time out chair or dress you up like the silly little sissy you are. Come and let me take care of you.

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