Stepsister Claire 

Claire's Specialties: Mean Stepsister/Family Fun/Teasing/No Taboos


I'm your stepsister, Claire and I saw what you've got hidden in your closet. You know I like to snoop, so it was sort of dumb of you to hide your diapers where I could find them. But now that I know, I'm going to tease you mercilessly and make you wear them for me!

If you don't do everything I say and act like a baby real good, I'm going to tell mom, dad, and even your friends that you're a snot-nose sniveling baby when you think no one is looking. I'll tell them you rub yourself through your diaper and get an intense look of satisfaction on your face. You get excited by diapers and now I do too. Because I have a dirty secret to hold over your head. Better behave or I'll expose you!

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