Diaper Casey's Specialties: Extreme Age Play/Baby Talk/Wet and Messy Diapers/Daddy's girl

My name is Casey. I wear diapers and be treated like a baby. My favorite thing in the world is to suck from my mommies milk filled boobies and then have my daddy burp and change me. Having my diaper changed feels so good, especially when daddy takes extra long care to rub the diaper cream on me for extra protection. 

After I'm fed and changed and get to play in my pen with all of my toys, it's bath time. I love bath time with my daddy. He gets me undressed and sits me down in the warm water to play with my water toys. I have so much fun with my toys and after I've played and played and played and start to get tired, my daddy lathers me up and makes sure I'm squeaky clean for bedtime. 

Daddy rubs me all over with lotion so that my skin is always soft. Then he gets me jammied up and puts me in bed beside him. He plays nursery rhymes and gentle music to help me go to sleep. I love having a daddy, but he's at work all day and I need a good daddy to take care of me while he's away. Will you be my daddy?

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