With Love From Mia!


You know you dread waking up in the morning, looking down at your diaper. Not being able to tell just yet if you peed or not. Is your bed dry? Did you sleep on your side and leak everywhere? You know Mommy is waiting downstairs to ask. "Did you pee the bed sweetie? " You walk downstairs in your obviously full diaper, heart racing anticipating what's to cum..You know you soaked your bed as usual. Your diaper is so heavy!  Loving the way the squishy diaper feels on your bottom you ignore the question, so I ask you again and you shyishly answer that you did pee in your diaper and some did get on your bed. You tell me not to be mad and apologize for doing that.  

You love sitting in that pee or poopie diaper don't you? The way it squishes to either side depending on how you sit. You love the warmth that you feel as you pee on yourself don't you?

You love the attention I give your bottom and tiny pee pee don't you? Laying on your back legs in the air as I wipe your bottom! I slowly wipe every inch of your pee pee, making sure it gets really really cleaned. Then i slowly wipe your bottom,  making sure to wipe your hole really wellSprinkling baby powder on and baby lotion so you smell clean and fresh once more!  Oh how we love your morning diaper changes! Isn't that right my sweet whittle one!!  

Cum tell me all about your diaper stories, baby.  Or do you need a Mommy? I'm here for you always!  xoxox Mia 888.851.1772