Phone A Diaper Girl

I’m not sure what went through my mind that made me think taking off my diaper and running through the house was a good idea. I probably thought it would be fun, like jumping in a rain puddle. Anything that’s as much fun as jumping up and down in a rain puddle is all right by me. But I’m sure you’re going to be like my daddy and say I’m a naughty diapered girl. But I like showing off my bare bottom. Still, I ended up getting my daddy’s hand smack against my tender little ass. He fussed and put me back in a diaper. Now I have a sore butt and a thick diaper.  If you’d like to give a sexy diapered girl a bare handed spanking, or a diapered spanking give me a call or come over to the phone sex forum to chat for free. Kisses and hand spanks! Lainey  1-888-851-1772


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