No Spanking Phone Sex Today! It's Time for Enema Punishment!

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I have one very naughty phonesex abdl who can’t resist misbehaving. A few days ago, I decided I wasn’t going to give him the paddle spanking he deserved for his abdl punishment. Instead, I chose a different kind of punishment. I and gave the naughty phonesex abdl baby boy an enema.  I filled a bad with warm soapy water and attached a nozzle. When it came time to bend over, well, he didn’t like that at all. But after I filled his little ass with the enema I secured a new diaper and banished him to the corner while enema drained into his diaper. He hates dirty and wet diapers and told me he wasn’t going to let the enema release. He said he was going to squeeze his butt hole and hold it in. Poor baby. He lasted five minutes. Then I teased him about what a big cry baby he was, what a stinky poopy diaper he made, and the blush on his face was just adorable! If you think it’s time for your enema punishment phone sex, call me today. Or if you’re into medical fetish phone sex, that’s okay too. I have lots of instruments of pleasure and torture. 1-888-851-1772 Nurse Mary

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