You sure do think you’re an adorable adult baby, but I’m more adorable.  You’re not as sweet and not as pretty and your bonnet is limp. And your diaper doesn’t have any duckies or bunnies on it! How sad!! Let diapered girl Lainey take care of you, sweet baby boy! We can have adult baby phone sex and talk about all the things I’ll be doing while showing you how to be an adult baby. Diaper girls like me don’t have any responsibilities except to look cute. You don’t have a paci? You can have one of mine. 

I’ll play games with you, teach you how make funny faces and sounds, tickle you, and sing songs to you.

Wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round….Come book your abdl session with Diapered girl Lainey 1-888-851-1772