Mallory's Birds and Bees!

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You’re growing into a young man! I know, because you found your way to Dial A Mommy. You’re ready to have “the talk.” You know, the one about girls and sex and all those tingles you get side your pants. I’m happy to have that talk with you but talking doesn’t prepare you for real life, does it? Right! I’ve decided to show you. We’ll have to keep this just between us. I’m going to teach you what a phone mommy wants and you’re going to learn that sometimes a woman wants to be bent over the nearest chair and fucked raw. I’m offering free phone sex minutes all through November. Tell the dispatcher you want your turkey yanked and you get 5 free phone sex minutes with ANY abdl session. Love and kisses, Mallory 1-888-851-1772 Click Here to talk with a phone sex Mommy!