Mommy Phone Sex with Abi!!

You are going to make such an adorable abie when we are finished with our AB/DL phone sex session. What? You don’t know what AB/DL means? Adult baby diaper lover. I’m going to regress you back to a baby. Say good-bye to you big boy body and get ready for a new life of a Nanny Abi pinching your little pee pee.  You thought I was just going to put you in diapers and let you act like a big boy? A man? Oh no, you’re sadly mistaken. I’m going to give you a magic potion that’s going to reverse time and turn you into a helpless little baby. I’ve been doing some research and shopping and I have plans to completely regress you back to being my helpless abie. Are those tears? Don’t cry. We’ll have such a good time. Abi 1-888-851-1772