Ruby Wats To Do You

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Mommy Ruby runs a daycare for abdl boys and sissy girls. The daycare diaper lover Peter’s favorite place in the world to be! He says he feels little and babyish while he plays with the big silly babies like himself. He giggles and babbles while he sucks his puppy pacifier. Diaper lover Peter gurgles while crawls around the Phone Mommy Ruby’s big play area. He says he feels safe and warm in his big cozy abdl disaposable diaper. He feels so safe and warm that when his tummy rumbles and he feels a poopy coming he toddles to his favorite hidden baby spot and squats to create a mess. He’s so funny to listen to. He pushes and pushes and turns red faced to make a giant stinky doo doo in his crinkly diaper pants! I’d love to have an ABDL session with you! Love and stinky poops! Ruby


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