Tell Me Your Secrets!

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Closets…there’s great for hiding skeletons, er, I mean secrets. Everyone has something hiding in their closet, something they don’t want the rest of the world to see or know. I have them, your boss, your postman, everyone.  But let’s talk about your skeleton, the thing in your closet you don’t want anyone to know…

Maybe you fantasize about stuffing your cock into your pretty new secretary, or you wear your wife/girlfriend’s lingerie, or you walk down the adult diaper aisle and think about putting on a diaper and getting really wet or messy. Maybe, your secret is that you want to phone a mommy and have mommy phone sex. Your secrets might go even deeper, into dark places that scare even you. But the fantasy persists. You feel a need to find an outlet for all these fantasies, but who would understand?

I would. I can lend an ear while you confess to everything. I won’t laugh, be shocked, or worse, run screaming from you. I am the person that you can share your secrets and fantasies with. And not only am I here to listen to your secrets, I understand them.

I have secret fantasies of my own and I am a master at roleplay. I’ve done phone sex for a long time and could tell you stories. That is what I love about being a phone mommy sex slut. There are too many different fantasies and fetishes out there to count. I have no taboos and no restrictions so whatever your fantasy baby, we can do it, and do it right.

So if you want to phone a mommy and tell your secrets, call and I’ll help you release it. I’ll be your go to for mom the phonesex you crave. We can take your secret fantasy and run with it, take it so much further then you ever imagined. Just leave it to me babe, I will take you places you have never been and could never go with anyone else. All you have to do it pick up the phone…dial 1-888-851-1772 and ask the dispatcher to connect you with Charleigh for some mommy phonesex. I can show you a mom son xxxx good time. XOXOXO