Mia Likes Weenie Boogies!

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 12.45.57 PM.png

You're just a little helpless baby, aren't you? You love sitting there in your wet diaper crying for your Stepsister Mia to change you. Stepsister Mia will come down and scoop you right up in her soft arms and kiss your tears away, and take you to the bathroom to change. 

Mia loves seeing her little brother getting all excited after wetting his crinkly little pampers. Seeing him squish around on the changing table makes me so happy. I can even see your little dickie getting so hard! Your Mia will kneel down in front of her precious little baby brother and lick all of that dirty peepee off of your delicate little dickie so you don't get a rash. She'll rub lotion on you and make you all nice and clean and smelling good again. Your tiny little dickie will erupt in my hand while I'm changing you, and Stepsister loves to lick every single drop of your nastie weenie boogies off of mommy's hand. I'll give you a little kiss on the cheek, pull your pampers back up like a big boy, and take you back out of the restroom.

Stepsister Mia loves secret bathroom play time with her little brother. Remember, Mia likes to give kisses and Hugs. Call today and we’ll talk about your fantasies. 1.888.851.1772