You've been Cuckolded!


Are you an alpha male? Many men carry themselves as alpha male in most of their life. But the genius and beauty of cuckolding and humiliation and CBT separates the truly alpha from those who are beta at heart. 

Have you ever competed for the affection of a woman with another alpha? But then you’re humbly handed your beta demeanor and are strung up naked by your alpha male rival, then whipped by him before the woman you both desire.

While she watches she gets wet with desire for the alpha whose muscles ripple as he brings the whip down on my your dominated naked ass. She soon begins addressing the alpha as “Master” because he commands her to. The woman you desire has seen that you inferior to the alpha and she begins flirting with and kissing him as the tears from my physical and emotional pain fall from your eyes. She laughs mockingly at you and tells you you’ve relegated to a new role: As a slave and cuckold phone sex voyeur to the woman you desired and the alpha male she has chosen over you. That’s what happed this morning during a phone session. Give me a call and we’ll talk more about your cuckold fantasy. Estelle 888*851*1772