Cuckold! Uh-Oh!

Little Dylan is always in a crinkly diaper when he decides to phone a mommy. I’m his phone mommy and today He wore an adult baby diaper and crouched in the corner of the bedroom, sucking the pacifier gag I put in his mouth. His itsy bitsy baby cock is hard and achy against the inside of his diaper. He reached down to rub himself through his diaper as he watched me get ready to for a night out of sexy grown up fun. I know he wants ABDL phone sex. I left Dylan home in his diaper cuckold baby outfit. He cried as he messed his diaper and waited for me come home. He couldn’t believe I’d go out without him, but I showed him how different things really were now, that I’m my own woman and he’s a silly sissy cuckold adult baby. I got my pleasure with his best friend who isn’t a silly sissy cuckold baby. And that’s not all! Babies can’t be left unattended, of course, so I started calling a phone sex mommy line for a sexy sitter to tease him while I was gone. He had truly been regressed to a helpless cuckold baby. Give me a call. I can show you a mom son xxxx good time. xoxox Nina 888.851.1772