Diaper Humiliation With Jassy!

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A couple of months ago I went shopping with a girlfriend. We’re in a lingerie store minding our own business, when suddenly my girlfriend turns to a guy I assumed was shopping for him wife, and said, “Come here let’s check your abdl baby diaper” Usually when she does something like this she just puts her hand down their bottoms and feels the diaper. But this time she pulled them right down to look at them. There he was with his althetic shirt on and his jogging bottoms round his legs with abdl fetish fully exposed to the world. So many people saw his diaper and the dark blush on his cheeks. Many of them laughed. He covered his face to try to hide from the humiliation. There was even comments from people like, “Ohh emmm geee that guy wears diapers.” Some women said, “Aww baby can’t you wear big boy pants yet?” What phone sex adult baby wouldn’t be humiliated by this? If you’re interested, call and I’ll talk you through the same fantasy. Jassy 1-888-851-1772