Helpless Baby Lainey!

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My daddy told me I was a naughty diaper girl again. He caught drawing on the walls outside my crib crayons. I made huge swirls of different colors. He spanked me. It was a horrible awful no good bare-bottom, over the knee spanking from him. He made me cry a until my eyes were swollen and my nose was runny. Then he put abdl baby mittens on me! He was actually happy that I had been bad be cause he likes to punish me! When I’m wearing then I can’t do anything! I can’t hold my crayons or my bottle. I cried, then cried some more but he just smiled and wouldn’t take them off no matter how much I begged and not even when he put me to bed. He waited until the next day to take them off.  He’s waiting for me to be bad again so he can put them back on me. What daddy doesn’t know is that the more I think about them, the more I want them back on. I was completely helpless, and I loved it! Do you like being a helpless baby too? Call me for some fun abdl phone sex or diaper phone sex. and tell me why! Cheers! Diaper Girl Casey 1.888.851.1772

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