Daddy's Little Milk Monkey!

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I love being an ABDl (for those of you who don’t already know, ABDL stands for adult baby diaper lover. To make it even better I am the baby in a family of 5 kids. My daddy still babies me and I hope he never stops. I never ever wanna grow up and will be an adult baby for life.  I crave baby talk, goo goos, and adult baby phone sex. I especially love being daddy’s littlegirl and mommy’s little princess. I just want to lie in my playpen like a baby in my diaper waiting for my mommy or daddy to change my poopy bottom and feed me. I get so hungry for something to suck on and both mommy and daddy have something for me to suck on where milk comes out but my favorite is my Daddy’s big binki between his legs, Daddy always says the harder Baby Lainey sucks his cock the more milk for baby…and I’m a ravenous little baby girl….If you have milk for me and enjoy adult baby phone sex with a hot diaper girl, call 1-888-851-1772. Love and Diapers, Lainey

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