Dorm room surprises with boys


Of course, when the boy staying in the dorm across from mine offered to do my laundry I said yes. Who wouldn't? College is hard. There's so much to do with classes, friends, social life, sex life, that I really wanted to just free up my time and maybe go get fucked. It had been so long since I'd had a cock shoved hard into my pussy. It'd had been so long I'd even started to touch myself. So I handed him the basket, thanked him for being thoughtful, and sent him away. But then I found some jeans under my bed that need to go too. So I ran to catch up with him. I found him in the dorm laundry room with his face pressed into my dirty panties. I was shocked. He was embarrassed. And horny. We had something in common. So I took off my clothes and let him press his face against my pussy. But later, I still humiliated him in front of the entire dorm by telling what he did with my panties. I have tons of stories. Call me and we'll talk.