Hot Age Regression Session

Today this Phone Sex Nanny got a call for some age regression phone sex. I regressed a grown man to an itty bitty diaper boy, who wanted me to be his ABDL Nanny and take care of him. I was his ABDL Nanny and change his diapers and take care of him, just like a regular nanny. We descended into a deep role-play, where he was forced to cry, wet and dirty his diaper. After that, I lay him my lap so I could cuddle him and rub his head while he sucked on my nipple for a good breastfeeding session. After my ABDL baby sucked until his belly was full, I cuddled him and smiled. I’ve never taken a man that deep into regression before, and it was such an interesting experience. I’d love for anyone reading this blog to call me so they can have some hot regression phone sex. Hugs and diaper changes Abigail 1-888-851-1772 age regression phone sex