Loving Mommy Experience

As a loving and busy abdl mommy, I get to tend to all sorts of sweethearts that need my help! The adult babies that I get to spend time taking care of always require the most time and attention to remain happy and healthy. Not always so quick to admit that they do need the help of their mommy, are my diaper lovers. In fact, they often like to pretend like they do not even notice the full and sagging diaper that is hanging between their legs. If the smell was not enough to give them away, any mommy would immediately notice the way those DLs start waddling around so obviously when it is time for a change. That is when they are their most helpless. They still are not quick to admit it, but I can see the relief and happiness on their faces when I open the diaper up, wipe them down, powder their bottoms, and put them to bed in a fresh diaper. Hooray for ABDL phone sex! I can show you a mom son xxxx good time. xoxoxo Nina 1-888-851-1772