Dommy wants to be submissive

Most days I am a dommy mommy. I love to be in control. I love to punish bad adult babies and teach them lessons for their bad behavior. I love to spank and tie up you naughty toddlers. There’s so many things I adore about being an abdl mommy. But some days… Ohsome days I just long to dominated. I need a nice strong man or two.. or three to just have their way with me. Tie me up, blindfold me and fuck me like a bitch. Make me call you sir.  slap my ass when I get sassy. Make me orgasm against my will over and over. Do whatever you want to me. Force that big cock down my throat and fill my mouth with you cum. Do you want to take my ass? Penetrate it with toys, your cock, handles and whatever else you can. Some days I just want to be your toy, wind me up and tell me what to do. To dominate the dommy, give me a call. Love and whips, Joy 1-888-851-1772