Sissification proclamation

I took my little abdl sissy to her first prom this week and boy do I have a story to tell! Well first I had to put her in her sparkly princess dress and curl that pretty blonde hair of hers. She looked like a cute little goldilocks when I got through with her! Once we got her all dolled up it was time for Sitter Cara to take her pretty little princess to prom! I got to chaperone with all of the other sitters to keep an eye on my pretty sissy baby. She was a little shy at first but that sure changed when she got on the dance floor and all the boys were looking at her dance just like Cinderella in the ballroom! Boy after boy kept coming up to ask my perfect sissy girl to dance! I sure was a proud sissy sitter that night. I can’t wait to dress my sissy slut up again! Hugs and Fucks! Cara 1-888-851-1772