Zoey's Adventures with boys and men

I’m usually a single girl but occasionally I delve into the relationship zone. My last relationship was a very interesting affair. His name Frank and he was a lot older than me and divorced. He had a few children but only one left living with him. He was a boy on the verge of becoming a man. His name is Henry, but most call him Hank. Hank was 16 when I started seeing his father. He looked like a little clone of his father but was a little taller and still had some growing to do. As the relationship progressed I started spending nights over at their home and often Frank would have to leave early for work and I would linger in bed for a good while longer. It was on such a day that a first for me started. I woke alone in that big king sized bed to a gentle rapping at the door. I pulled the blanket up and asked who was there. Hank opened the door and peeked his head around. He had a smile on his face and asked to come in. I was wearing a silky negligee and under the blanket, so I figured it would be fine.  Hank came inside and was wearing only boxer shorts. I could see his cock was hard but I tried to keep my eyes on his face. He asked me if I was hungry and if I’d like to join him for breakfast. I said sure but that I needed to get dressed. His smile grew larger and he joked about how I didn’t need to wear anything at all. Mmm yes, I do love recalling how the beginnings of this forbidden affair began. Nothing physical happened that morning between Hank and I, but it did start not long after. I’ll continue this recount in another blog next week. But if you’d like to know more now feel free to give me a call and I’ll tell you every little juicy detail.  Zoey 1-888-851-1772