Diaper Dylan's Punishment

I have a very bad adult baby boy on my hands. He found a purple crayon and drew all over the nursery walls. Then, he made a mess with his toys. But worst of all, he dirtied his diaper an took it off! And use his poop as finger paint! Not only do I have to clean purple crayon off the walls, now I have to clean up a stinky smelly mess, too. 

I threw Dylan over my knees and proceeded to spank him. He cried, but I wasn't sympathetic. I spanked until his bare bum had a cherry red handprint. Dylan needed discipline and the punishment was for his own good. When I was finished he stood up and stuck his tongue out at me and said I'm a mean mommy. 

Oh, but he's a stubborn boy. When I got the bucket of soapy water and sponges and told him to help me clean, he crossed his arm and sat down in the floor with a bull expression. Dylan is an adult baby who needs lots of punishment. I'm the best mommy to give him what he needs.

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