Dommy wants to be submissive

Most days I am a dommy mommy. I love to be in control. I love to punish bad adult babies and teach them lessons for their bad behavior. I love to spank and tie up you naughty toddlers. There’s so many things I adore about being an abdl mommy. But some days… Ohsome days I just long to dominated. I need a nice strong man or two.. or three to just have their way with me. Tie me up, blindfold me and fuck me like a bitch. Make me call you sir.  slap my ass when I get sassy. Make me orgasm against my will over and over. Do whatever you want to me. Force that big cock down my throat and fill my mouth with you cum. Do you want to take my ass? Penetrate it with toys, your cock, handles and whatever else you can. Some days I just want to be your toy, wind me up and tell me what to do. To dominate the dommy, give me a call. Love and whips, Joy 1-888-851-1772


Sissification proclamation

I took my little abdl sissy to her first prom this week and boy do I have a story to tell! Well first I had to put her in her sparkly princess dress and curl that pretty blonde hair of hers. She looked like a cute little goldilocks when I got through with her! Once we got her all dolled up it was time for Sitter Cara to take her pretty little princess to prom! I got to chaperone with all of the other sitters to keep an eye on my pretty sissy baby. She was a little shy at first but that sure changed when she got on the dance floor and all the boys were looking at her dance just like Cinderella in the ballroom! Boy after boy kept coming up to ask my perfect sissy girl to dance! I sure was a proud sissy sitter that night. I can’t wait to dress my sissy slut up again! Hugs and Fucks! Cara 1-888-851-1772



Zoey's Adventures with boys and men

I’m usually a single girl but occasionally I delve into the relationship zone. My last relationship was a very interesting affair. His name Frank and he was a lot older than me and divorced. He had a few children but only one left living with him. He was a boy on the verge of becoming a man. His name is Henry, but most call him Hank. Hank was 16 when I started seeing his father. He looked like a little clone of his father but was a little taller and still had some growing to do. As the relationship progressed I started spending nights over at their home and often Frank would have to leave early for work and I would linger in bed for a good while longer. It was on such a day that a first for me started. I woke alone in that big king sized bed to a gentle rapping at the door. I pulled the blanket up and asked who was there. Hank opened the door and peeked his head around. He had a smile on his face and asked to come in. I was wearing a silky negligee and under the blanket, so I figured it would be fine.  Hank came inside and was wearing only boxer shorts. I could see his cock was hard but I tried to keep my eyes on his face. He asked me if I was hungry and if I’d like to join him for breakfast. I said sure but that I needed to get dressed. His smile grew larger and he joked about how I didn’t need to wear anything at all. Mmm yes, I do love recalling how the beginnings of this forbidden affair began. Nothing physical happened that morning between Hank and I, but it did start not long after. I’ll continue this recount in another blog next week. But if you’d like to know more now feel free to give me a call and I’ll tell you every little juicy detail.  Zoey 1-888-851-1772

Loving Mommy Experience

As a loving and busy abdl mommy, I get to tend to all sorts of sweethearts that need my help! The adult babies that I get to spend time taking care of always require the most time and attention to remain happy and healthy. Not always so quick to admit that they do need the help of their mommy, are my diaper lovers. In fact, they often like to pretend like they do not even notice the full and sagging diaper that is hanging between their legs. If the smell was not enough to give them away, any mommy would immediately notice the way those DLs start waddling around so obviously when it is time for a change. That is when they are their most helpless. They still are not quick to admit it, but I can see the relief and happiness on their faces when I open the diaper up, wipe them down, powder their bottoms, and put them to bed in a fresh diaper. XOXO, Nina 1-888-851-1772

The Mommy Martha Experience

I totally love kinky fetish fantasies and adult baby phone sex. I had the best time with a caller this week, I couldn’t wait to blog about it here. I played a coed at the local college and was offered a chance to earn some extra course credits for helping out the head of the Science Department, my caller. Science is not one of my favorite subjects so I needed all the help I could get, would almost do anything. That’s how our baby sitter phone sex fantasy began and when I walked in the door, I couldn’t believe what I saw. His house was set up like a day care center with a huge crib in the room complete with a mobile hanging over the center of the crib. There was a high chair big enough for him to sit in, extra large size toys for him to play with and an old fashioned gray Nanny uniform for me to wear that was extra short and very low cut to show off my cleavage. We played games with the blocks, rolled the big ball back and forth and I rocked him in the huge rocking chair when I read his favorite Dr. Seuss books to him. It was awesome! Adult baby fetish play is so much fun and the way my caller and I described his fantasy house and fantasy day was so vivid it was easy to picture being there together. I’m a kinky girl with no limits for all of our taboo phone sex fantasies. I’ll do absolutely any role play you want in our private play time. Call and tell me what turns you on and cum with me too…… Martha 1-888-851-1772

Morning diaper change

He wanted me and I wanted him. I heard it in his voice when he whispered in my ear that it was time to wake up. I told him that I was sleepy and didn’t want to get out of my nice warm bed. But he said my diaper was full, that I’d wet myself in the night and he needed to change me. He’s good like that. Making sure my wet diapers don’t stay on long enough to leave a rash. He’d brought a diaper, wipes, and butt paste with him. When he rolled me over and opened the tabs of my diapers my little pussy tingled. He cleaned my diaper area good and touched me in all the right places. Needless to say, before he got my clean diaper on me, we made another mess and had to clean each other off. Call me and I’ll share similar experiences with you. Love and Fresh Diapers, Lainey 1-888-851-1772 diapergirl phonesex fetishphonesex

Briefcase surprise!

We’ve been fighting a lot lately and I’ve been seeing you eying other girls. I don’t like that and I just want to show you that I am the only woman you need. I show up at your job and tell your secretary that I need to see you. Once she lets me in your office, you look astonished as I lock the door behind me. The look of astonishment is replaced by a smirk. I ask you if you got the present I left for you this morning. You pull out my pair of pink lacy panties from your briefcase and say, “Yes I definitely got your present”. I giggle as you start to undo your pants because you know why I’m here. I pull down my skirt and pull up my shirt to reveal a black lace lingerie outfit. You bend me over your desk as your big dick strokes my insides, in and out. Love always, Mercedes 1-888-851-1772 hot Latin mommy

It's about that time again!

I think it’s about that time. Oh you don’t know what time I’m referring to? Well I’m talking about the time Mommy drags you out to the mall for some public humiliation phone sex. You thought you could be snaky and keep continuing to wet the bed without Mommy noticing but you aren’t that slick are you? Mommy found all your pee pee covered sheets you stuffed at the bottom of your hamper. Well Eisenstein what did you think would happen when I tipped the hamper over into the washer? Of course your sheets would always be on top! So if you’re going to be a bed wetter then you need to learn your lesson! A public lesson! I’m going to turn you into an adult baby right in front of everyone you know, and strangers that will now never want to know someone who loves age regression phone sex as much as you do! Nina

Hot Age Regression Session

Today this Phone Sex Nanny got a call for some age regression phone sex. I regressed a grown man to an itty bitty diaper boy, who wanted me to be his ABDL Nanny and take care of him. I was his ABDL Nanny and change his diapers and take care of him, just like a regular nanny. We descended into a deep role-play, where he was forced to cry, wet and dirty his diaper. After that, I lay him my lap so I could cuddle him and rub his head while he sucked on my nipple for a good breastfeeding session. After my ABDL baby sucked until his belly was full, I cuddled him and smiled. I’ve never taken a man that deep into regression before, and it was such an interesting experience. I’d love for anyone reading this blog to call me so they can have some hot regression phone sex. Hugs and diaper changes Abigail 1-888-851-1772 age regression phone sex 

Voyeurism and Orgasms

I love being a kinky girl. The thought of naught neighbor phone sex really gets my pussy wet. I see you when you come and go from work. I watch you through your bedroom window and I know you watch me too. You change your clothes in full view because you know I’m watching you. We’re a pair of spies who need to make a meaningful connection. You rub your dick while you think about running your hand up my leg and touching my abundant wetness. I get so wet at the thought of you touching me and making me wet. My hot body gets you off. You enjoy voyeurism as much as I do, but what if we meet and do all the dirty things we think about? Call me and we’ll talk about it. Xoxoxo Jade 1-888-851-1772 phonesexABDL phonesex

Small Penis Humilation

Today has been so crazy! I got a call from a guy who wanted me to role play the stepsister he grew up with. He wanted me to babysit him while our parents were out and force him into diapers. Mostly, though, he just wanted to be humiliated and teased about his small penis. He sent me a an email with a pic of his peenie and I giggled when I saw it. It was the smallest one I've ever seen. I teased him about it for the entire call and he cried like a baby. It was so much fun! I can't wait to do it again. If you have a small penis give me a call.



Anal Slave

Like Ass? Want to worship mine? Want to lick it? Suck it?...Or sniff it? Aww sweeties, come sit by me. I understand why you want to be on your knees with your face pressed into my round ass, but are you worthy? In other words, have you earned the privilege? I only allow the best, most obedient worshippers near my derriere. Give me one good reason why I should let you burrow your nose between my cheeks. Or your lips and tongue? I doubt you can satisfy me. I've only had the best and you don't even look mediocre. If you think you're worthy give me a call.


Fetish Phone Sex With Charleigh

Last night I snagged a new caller and he had the craziest fantasy. That's what I love about the fetish phone sex business-you never know how each call with turn out! Most of the time my callers want me to be warm and nurturing. I admit I'm a sweet AB/DL mommy, but last night I was a dominant mommy. I don't play dominant roles often, but I am a lover of all fetishes. What's your taboo?



Mommy Step Son Fantasy

Man, do I love my callers! Yesterday I talked to a guy who wanted a mommy/step son role play. Here's how it went. I walked in on him with his hand down inside his diaper-he was masturbating. Of course I was shocked. I had no idea he wore diapers when he thought no one was home. I walked over and sat down next to him, explaining that I never would have dreamed in a million years he liked diapers, but since he had a kinky side I confided in him. I said, being a mommy with quite a bit experience, I have a box of toys. I told him I thought he'd like them since they're great for masturbation. He liked my toys. He asked me to help him learn how to use them. So I did. If you'd like to hear more of the details give me a call.



MILF Diaper Sex

Attention all adult babies and diaper lovers: this hot MILF needs some TLC! Mommy Pam has been stressed lately and I can't remember the last time I had any fun at all. But you know what sounds nice? A good diaper fetish phone sex session! I think our session would be even better if we both wore diapers. I'm usually the one performing the diaper change on others, — and I like it that way — but sometimes I want to slip into one, too, and be babied. I have allowed some of my play partners to put a diaper on me once in a while! And to be completely honest, I loved it! The feeling of being helpless and needing someone to take care of me was so wonderful! I love being a mommy, but it was nice to let go of control for a little bit! I would let you do the same for me.


Dolores's Hairy Pussy Phone Sex

Be honest! You know you sometimes think about burying your face in a hairy pussy! Don't be shy about it. Some guys just prefer a natural bush to the trim, sleek look that so many women are doing. I don't shave down there. I think it's super sexy to have a guy press his face against me down there and play with my hair. If you want to be the next one to dive into this hot MILF bush, give me a call. 1*888*851*1772



Diaper Dylan's Punishment

I have a very bad adult baby boy on my hands. He found a purple crayon and drew all over the nursery walls. Then, he made a mess with his toys. But worst of all, he dirtied his diaper an took it off! And use his poop as finger paint! Not only do I have to clean purple crayon off the walls, now I have to clean up a stinky smelly mess, too. 

I threw Dylan over my knees and proceeded to spank him. He cried, but I wasn't sympathetic. I spanked until his bare bum had a cherry red handprint. Dylan needed discipline and the punishment was for his own good. When I was finished he stood up and stuck his tongue out at me and said I'm a mean mommy. 

Oh, but he's a stubborn boy. When I got the bucket of soapy water and sponges and told him to help me clean, he crossed his arm and sat down in the floor with a bull expression. Dylan is an adult baby who needs lots of punishment. I'm the best mommy to give him what he needs.

Check back soon for the rest of the story...

Or call me at 1*888*851*1772 and I'm tell you the entire story.


Call Holly When You Need A Babysitter!!

Hi there, I'm Holly your naughty young babysitter!  What happens when your mom and dad go out? They call me to come and watch you little bad AB/DLs that is! I'm in charge and you'll do whatever Holly wants you to do. Don't worry though, because we will have plenty of fun I promise you that. Not only am I mean and demanding but I'm also oh so sweet and caring. After I spank your ass with my bare hand over my knee I will so gently change your sweet little diaper and take special care of you. That's what Holly does. She's here to make sure you get everything your soul desires and needs. I'm always here for you whenever you need a babysitter. Cum give me a call. 


Naughty Babies Not Allowed!

I see mostly sweet and obedient adult babies and diaper lovers hanging around my nursery. That's good, because I'm a sweet mommy in training. Phone time is the best time for me and my Abies to get to know one another and share our favorite stories. Are you shy? That's okay. I like shy abies too. I'm a very understanding mommy. I know what's on your mind and I know sometimes it's hard to get the words out. I can change your diaper or breast feed you. Just tell me what you need. 

Call me today and we'll work through all of your fantasies. 




Sexy Sitter Holly Will Give You A Time Out!

Ha! You think you're so cute don't you? Stomping your feet and pouting those lips of yours. I think you need to go in time out Mr.  Now sit down on that chair in the corner and do what Holly tells you to do!  That's right...I'm in charge of you now....that's what happens when your parents go out and call me to babysit last minute on a Saturday night. Now take these panties and stick them in your mouth like a good little boy until I say so. You wouldn't want to get Holly upset now would you? No, that's right! Mmm...I think that's enough time out....cum sit on my lap, you can take the panties out of your mouth now. Holly wants to love you now....let me take care of you...give me a call.