Mia Does A Grandpa

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Today I whispered in an old man’s ear about what I wanted to do to him, about what I want him to do to me, the dirty sex I wanted him to perform. How could he say no? We waited until my parents were gone, and the old fart snuck into my bedroom like he was the teenager. He kissed me and stroked me and asked me to strip for him. I slowly pushed him down between my thighs and spread my pussy lips apart. He was so eager that before I could tell him to he had pressed his face against my pussy and started sucking on my clit! He was very eager for everything I had to offer him that night! Does the idea of having horny young girl fucking you get you hard? Call me for a session and tell me everything you’d like to do to me.  Love and pussy licking. Mia


Ruby Wats To Do You

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Mommy Ruby runs a daycare for abdl boys and sissy girls. The daycare diaper lover Peter’s favorite place in the world to be! He says he feels little and babyish while he plays with the big silly babies like himself. He giggles and babbles while he sucks his puppy pacifier. Diaper lover Peter gurgles while crawls around the Phone Mommy Ruby’s big play area. He says he feels safe and warm in his big cozy abdl disaposable diaper. He feels so safe and warm that when his tummy rumbles and he feels a poopy coming he toddles to his favorite hidden baby spot and squats to create a mess. He’s so funny to listen to. He pushes and pushes and turns red faced to make a giant stinky doo doo in his crinkly diaper pants! I’d love to have an ABDL session with you! Love and stinky poops! Ruby


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Granny Gets it Done


Cum eating phone sex calls generally fall into the “forced” category like when a man wants to be forced to clean up his jizz after cumming or being forced to clean his woman’s cream pie after he or (in the case of a cuckold) her bull have filled her sweet pussy. Dolores 1-888-851-1772


Incest Phone Sex!

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I always look at other girls and their boyfriends and wonder, who needs a boy when you have a hot stud of a stepbrother who loves incest phone sex as much me! The first time I was left alone with him I realized he was all I needed! Our stepsister/stepbrother love is so intense that he said he wants me to be his girlfriend. Can you imagine? It would be a scandal. Not only is my sweet stepbrother more handsome than his father, he’s also a thousand times better in at fucking my pussy than his father is at fucking my mother’s! Yes he knows exactly where I like to be touched because I showed him and he is always sweet and takes his time when touching my tender princess parts. He’s my prince and I’m his princess. He makes sure his I cum before he even thinks about it. All this girl needs in the world is the love of her stepbrother. That’s the best kind of man to have in your life. It makes incest phone sex so much better! If you’d like in on the action call me today. 1-888-851-1772

Love and incest always, Holly

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Phoebe In Charge

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I told you to clean up your room yesterday. It’s a terrible mess in there from where you’ve thrown your adult baby toys around. I’m a nanny, not a housekeeper..Put all your blocks and legos in their bins. What a bad boy your are hiding your dirty diapers under your bed. That’s why it’s so stinky. If you’re gonna poopy you have to tell Nanny Phoebe so we can do a proper diaper change. 

Stop crying and wipe your face and finish cleaning up your room…one it’s finished we can have all the abdl fun you want. Phoebe 1-888-851-1772

Phone A Diaper Girl

I’m not sure what went through my mind that made me think taking off my diaper and running through the house was a good idea. I probably thought it would be fun, like jumping in a rain puddle. Anything that’s as much fun as jumping up and down in a rain puddle is all right by me. But I’m sure you’re going to be like my daddy and say I’m a naughty diapered girl. But I like showing off my bare bottom. Still, I ended up getting my daddy’s hand smack against my tender little ass. He fussed and put me back in a diaper. Now I have a sore butt and a thick diaper.  If you’d like to give a sexy diapered girl a bare handed spanking, or a diapered spanking give me a call or come over to the phone sex forum to chat for free. Kisses and hand spanks! Lainey  1-888-851-1772


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Down and Dirty!

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Hi all you naughty ABDL’s. Wanna get down and dirty with Zoey? I am always wet and always ready to get as kinky and nasty with you! Cum and Call me for a sluty good time! Phone sex has never been as filthy as it is with me! Let me be the naughty Stepsister you’ve always dreamed about. I know you look at my boobies and want to touch them. Give me a call. I’m giving away free phone sex minutes with every call through November. You can also find me in the play room or the adult phone sex forum.  Zoey


Forced Diapering Experience!

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Scott knows he’s a perverted drunk, but it was funny to watch him try to figure out how he ended up in a diaper when he woke up Sunday morning. He tried so hard to figure out why he’d let his super hot MILF put him in a crinkly diaper! We met at the bar where I was out with girlfriend and he was already intoxicated when he started flirting with me. It didn’t take him long to start flirting or me long to realize he was so horny he’d agree to anything. When we got to my house I got him outta his clothes and pulled out a huge adult diaper. I told him the only way I’d fuck him was if he put the diaper on and made a hole for his gigantic cock to come through. He did it! He put the diaper on and fucked me with his dick hard and poking through the hole. When he woke up, though, his dick had shrunk back inside. If you’re ready for your diaper fuck, give your hot Milf Pammy a call. 1-888-851-1772

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No Spanking Phone Sex Today! It's Time for Enema Punishment!

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I have one very naughty phonesex abdl who can’t resist misbehaving. A few days ago, I decided I wasn’t going to give him the paddle spanking he deserved for his abdl punishment. Instead, I chose a different kind of punishment. I and gave the naughty phonesex abdl baby boy an enema.  I filled a bad with warm soapy water and attached a nozzle. When it came time to bend over, well, he didn’t like that at all. But after I filled his little ass with the enema I secured a new diaper and banished him to the corner while enema drained into his diaper. He hates dirty and wet diapers and told me he wasn’t going to let the enema release. He said he was going to squeeze his butt hole and hold it in. Poor baby. He lasted five minutes. Then I teased him about what a big cry baby he was, what a stinky poopy diaper he made, and the blush on his face was just adorable! If you think it’s time for your enema punishment phone sex, call me today. Or if you’re into medical fetish phone sex, that’s okay too. I have lots of instruments of pleasure and torture. 1-888-851-1772 Nurse Mary

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Granny Phone Sex

I’m a no limits phone granny. Do you know what that means? I means that I have no limits when it comes to sex. I’ll even put on a diaper and be a diapered granny for you. Having no limits means I enjoy a lot of sex guilt free. I get to experience things most people never get into. Like diapers and adult babies. You know what I say to people who criticize? How will you ever know what you truly like or dislike unless you take a chance? If you need an open-minded progressive granny like me to take your hand and lead you into the light of granny phone sex, call me sometime. XOXO Your kinky phone sex granny, Beverly. 1-888-851-1772

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Get Your Sissy Humiliation Here!

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I think it’s time to get sissy baby dressed to go out for the day. I’m going to make you look so sweet and adorable. mommies will be green with envy! I’m thinking that a yellow dress with the lacy poofy hem is exactly the right thing and will look adorbs with your diaper peeking out. I’m going to use a matching bonnet and you’ll be turning heads. And don’t you dare duck your head in embarrassment. Why are your cheeks so bright red? Are you blushing? Don’t worry, if you have an accident in your thick abdl diaper, I’ll bring our pretty pink diaper bag along and we’ll have all your sissy baby items to get you fixed right up. If you’re ready for intense sissy baby humiliation pick up the phone and give me a call! Cara 1-888-851-1772  Click Here to see the rates to speak with a phone sex Mommy! #sissybaby #publichumiliation #humiliationphonesex

Bare Bottom Spanking!!

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Nurse Mary stops spanking, and takes your ankles, which gives Mommy Mallory the chance now to spank you. She doesn’t start out softly – it is full force and fast right from the start. Now the pink turns red, and you find yourself actually crying. Again they switch places, and Mommy Mallory has a thick wooden hairbrush! This feels like a dozen bee stings all at once, and now you are bawling and wiggling.

Mommy Mallory has to hold your legs with both hands. The brush is handed over to her, and she makes sure your upper legs don’t feel left out! When the spanking is finally finished, a lecture commences. Your  adult diaper is tightly taped up during this, and then you are instructed to stand in a corner.In order to find a suitable empty corner, you must leave the exam room – clad in only your diaper 

Granny Phone Sexxx!

Hey babies it’s Granny Zelda. Granny got tired and brought you over to play. It gets you excited because you know nothing is off limits with Granny Doris and we have all kinds of fun! First I’m going to diaper you in a nice thick, soft diaper. Ohh and I like to play dress up with my little sissy babies too, starting with a cute, ruffly pair of rumba panties to cover your diapered bottom.  You look so cute in those ruffly plastic pants peeking out from under the beautiful frilly dress granny puts you in. So feminine!  Who is ready to play with Granny Zelda?

Diaper Humiliation With Jassy!

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A couple of months ago I went shopping with a girlfriend. We’re in a lingerie store minding our own business, when suddenly my girlfriend turns to a guy I assumed was shopping for him wife, and said, “Come here let’s check your abdl baby diaper” Usually when she does something like this she just puts her hand down their bottoms and feels the diaper. But this time she pulled them right down to look at them. There he was with his althetic shirt on and his jogging bottoms round his legs with abdl fetish fully exposed to the world. So many people saw his diaper and the dark blush on his cheeks. Many of them laughed. He covered his face to try to hide from the humiliation. There was even comments from people like, “Ohh emmm geee that guy wears diapers.” Some women said, “Aww baby can’t you wear big boy pants yet?” What phone sex adult baby wouldn’t be humiliated by this? If you’re interested, call and I’ll talk you through the same fantasy. Jassy 1-888-851-1772

Nanny Phone Sexxxxx!

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It’s time for your nanny to really embarrass her ADULT BABY PHONE SEX WHORE. I watched you all day. You like to play with your little toys and crawl around on the floor like a sweet little baby but you aren’t fooling your phone sex nanny. I saw you rubbing the front of your diaper and moaning and your tiny little peepee made a in the front of your diaper. How many times has Nanny Gwen told you rubbing your self is a no-no. I guess the only way you will learn is if Nanny punishes you. So I’m going to lay you down and rub your diaper for you. I’m going to make you feel so good you explode and make a hot sticky mess in you diaper. Sounds good? Well, there’s more. I’m going to rub your paci in the hot sticky mess you made. Then after securing that dirty sticky diaper back on you i am going to lay you down for a nap n put you pacifier in your mouth. I’m going to make you sleep in your cum you. If you want to hear more give me a call tonight. Hugs and Kisses, Gwen. 1-888-851-1772 

Diaper Girl Fetish Phone Sex!

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I absolutely love pacifiers and have them stashed all over my house. I like to have one in my mouth and one in my hand. I get worried and concerned about always having my diaper girl pacifier nearby the same way some people get over losing their cellphones! Even if it’s not in my mouth all I have to do is put out my hand and a pacifier is in reach. Mommy got me a cute kitten pacifier clip so that I wouldn’t lose it anymore. Now I don’t fuss and whine about a missing pacifier anymore because I always know just where it is. Doyon have a fetish like my one for pacifiers? Call me so you can have some abdl phone sex with a sexy diaper girl and you can tell me everything! XOXOX Casey 1-888-851-1772

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AB Stepsister Training!

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Hi abdl’s, my name is Mia and I am an ABDL Stepsister. My specialties are diaper changes, abdl playtime, roleplay, and sitter roleplay in particular. If it’s time for your abMommy to get a break then it might be time for you to have one on one time with your stepsister Mia, huh little guy? No matter if you wear disposable diapers, cloth diapers, pink clothes, or blue clothes I can take care of you. All you have to do is call and ask for Mia and we’ll be on our way to playtime. If you’re looking for something completely nasty I’m your abstepsister for that too. I like teaching the guys I babysit about the differences between genders with hands on (and other body parts) training.

Sissy Boy Toy!

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Tony likes to be sissified and he called me yesterday for a good sissification session with his favorite Mommy Martha. As the conversation started, he admitted he was masturbating. I told him to put on some pink panties. He did, and then he slipped his hand down into the skimpy little panties he had stolen from his Mommy’s drawer, reveling in the luxurious feel of the fabric and the way it cupped his rock hard cock. I did what any good mommy would do. I put him in a diaper. I gave him a thorough diaper experience and he said it felt so good he thought he would cry. Soon he came all over himself, harder than he could ever have imagined, he said. I can show you a mom son xxxx good time. Give me a call at 888-851-1772. Kisses and Sissies, Martha

A Nurse A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away!

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I’m an adult baby nurse and I love when sissy boys like YOU come in for their check-ups. I some of you might think because I’m not an MD that I’m not as good, but I have everything we need to make sure sissy baby is healthy. Let’s see, there’s a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, tongue depressors, cups for sissy to pee in, and a old fashioned rectal thermometer. If you’re feeling under the weather and need some reassurance that all is well, give me a call for the loving nurse phone sex you need. 1-888-851-1772. Love, Nurse Paula 

Old Women Need Sex Too!

Want to phone a granny? Granny phone sex is the best. My grandsonson is a handsome young man, but he’s shy, a little clumsy yet very polite and eager to please. I haven’t had to take a belt to his bottom one time. A very handsome young man who seems to blush often in my presence; I can sense he has a bit of a crush on his new step-mom. I have daydreamed about him too and have masturbated several times so far over the idea of seducing the man who is a younger version of his father. Are you shocked by that confession? Oh, you’re somewhat shocked but filled with excitement, you say? Well, you should be.

Ah but alas it’s only a daydream but I am already scheming of how I will take this fantasy further. Phone me up at Dial A Mommy for some granny phone sex. 1-888-851-1772 Ask for Granny Rosalie.