Mommy Phone Sex with Abi!!

You are going to make such an adorable abie when we are finished with our AB/DL phone sex session. What? You don’t know what AB/DL means? Adult baby diaper lover. I’m going to regress you back to a baby. Say good-bye to you big boy body and get ready for a new life of a Nanny Abi pinching your little pee pee.  You thought I was just going to put you in diapers and let you act like a big boy? A man? Oh no, you’re sadly mistaken. I’m going to give you a magic potion that’s going to reverse time and turn you into a helpless little baby. I’ve been doing some research and shopping and I have plans to completely regress you back to being my helpless abie. Are those tears? Don’t cry. We’ll have such a good time. Abi 1-888-851-1772

Call Sitter Leah

Are you into a naughty Adult Baby Diaper Lover Fetish? ??? You crave diaper and I crave silly boys with weird sexual cravings, which makes us perfect for each other. That's why fetish phone sex is perfect for all of you adult babies and I'm the perfect phone sex stepsister to explore your AB/DL fantasies! I'm not a mind reader, but I know what you’re thinking—about sex. All boys think about sex. You have a constant hard. I’m the girl that can ease your abdl erection. I know you're so anxious to get that diaper against your smooth little ass but you must be patient! I see that your little cock is growing bigger and harder already. I can help you grow even bigger. XOXOXO Leah 1-888-851-1772

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Mommy Worship

Would like to worship Mommy Estelle’s body? If the answer is yes, I’ll give you permission to show me how much you appreciate my soft curves and warm cunt. You have to use your mouth and hands and you have to start at my feet and work your way up. If you beg with proper reverence I’ll give such a good abdl boy the chance to act out a naughty phone mom sex fantasy. Would you know how to please your phone sex mommy? Do you know how to do it so that your phone sex mommy won’t make you stop? If you’re pathetic, I’ll tell you and then work hard to make you great at abdl sexe. Give me a call and we’ll get started. XOXO Estelle 1-888-851-1772. Click Here to talk with a phone sex Mommy! #abdlmommy #abdl #abdlsexe

Come Love A Granny

Hey sweet little ABDL baby. Come sit next to Granny Zelda with that hard baby cock standing up between your legs. Yes, I’m talking to you. The big boy with a sweet face and a bigger bulge. Get your pants off and lay your hard cock in my hand so I can make you cum. You better only be thinking about your strict Granny Zelda while trying to get that cock of yours hard! Granny Zelda has rules about cumming. You must cum where I say. I may even make you taste yourself and tell Granny Zelda how sweet you taste. Call me now for some granny phone sex and for some naughty ABDL Mommy phone sex. Your abdl session is just a phone call away! Zelda 1-888-851-1772 #abdlmommy #abdlsissy #abdlphonesex Click here to chat with a phone sex mommy now!. 

Mercedes Knows What You Want!

When you’re at home sitting on the couch with a saturated diaper, who ya gonna call? Nanny Mercedes, that’s who. It’s shame you didn’t call me sooner. I’m a diligent nanny and I always make sure my abies diapers are dry. No adult baby should ever have to change his or her own diaper. Not when you have a perfect nanny with skin the color of brown sugar standing by. And I am standing by. All you have to do is set up an abdl session at 1-888-851-1772. Love and clean nappies, Mercy


You sure do think you’re an adorable adult baby, but I’m more adorable.  You’re not as sweet and not as pretty and your bonnet is limp. And your diaper doesn’t have any duckies or bunnies on it! How sad!! Let diapered girl Lainey take care of you, sweet baby boy! We can have adult baby phone sex and talk about all the things I’ll be doing while showing you how to be an adult baby. Diaper girls like me don’t have any responsibilities except to look cute. You don’t have a paci? You can have one of mine. 

I’ll play games with you, teach you how make funny faces and sounds, tickle you, and sing songs to you.

Wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round….Come book your abdl session with Diapered girl Lainey 1-888-851-1772


Claire Does It All!

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 10.12.43 PM.png

Little man thinks he’s Mr. Big Boy but he’s just a diaper boy who spends his days in a diaper, sucking bottles, wearing bibs and crying for binkies. Yes, I know, he is truly pathetic but that’s one of the things he loves about being a diaper boy, the humiliation of it all. It makes his tiny cock throb inside is soaked droopy diaper. What I love about being a stepsister is that I get to watch him humiliate himself or do the humiliation. xoxoxo Claire

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Mallory's Birds and Bees!

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 10.12.06 PM.png

You’re growing into a young man! I know, because you found your way to Dial A Mommy. You’re ready to have “the talk.” You know, the one about girls and sex and all those tingles you get side your pants. I’m happy to have that talk with you but talking doesn’t prepare you for real life, does it? Right! I’ve decided to show you. We’ll have to keep this just between us. I’m going to teach you what a phone mommy wants and you’re going to learn that sometimes a woman wants to be bent over the nearest chair and fucked raw. I’m offering free phone sex minutes all through November. Tell the dispatcher you want your turkey yanked and you get 5 free phone sex minutes with ANY abdl session. Love and kisses, Mallory 1-888-851-1772 Click Here to talk with a phone sex Mommy!

Paula's Playpen!

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 10.11.38 PM.png

I sure do love spending time with a guy who’s into medical fetish. It gives me the chance to practice all the things I learned in nursing school. All too often, I have to be super sweet because all the abies just want a friendly check up. But not with you. When I see you in my waiting room I know you’re looking forward to your rectal exam. You like it when I put my finger inside you and press around really hard looking for the sweet spot that’ll make you explode. Nurse Paula 1-888-851-1772


Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 12.04.58 PM.png

How to have phone sex with a mature lonely housewife like me isn’t just for granny phone sex chasers!  It’s for boys who want to have sex with a mature woman or phone sex with a diapered granny. That’s right, I can be a diapered granny if that’s what you like. I can also pinch your tiny penis or show you how to caress yourself to a mind blowing orgasm. Call me and we’ll talk. Rosalie 1-888-851-1772

Casey Is an Adult Baby Diaper Lover

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 12.02.08 PM.png

I had an accident at school and everyone laughed at me and the cheerleaders put me in this skirt and said I had to walk home that way. Everyone saw my diapers. This hot little diaper girl was humiliated. But Mommy Nina told me sometimes abdls get humiliated. Our secret is so hard to keep. She said I have to keep going to school even though everyone knows my secret! Call me and tell me it’ll be okay!!! Diapered phone sex girl, Casey 1-888-851-1772

Mia Does A Grandpa

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 11.59.42 AM.png

Today I whispered in an old man’s ear about what I wanted to do to him, about what I want him to do to me, the dirty sex I wanted him to perform. How could he say no? We waited until my parents were gone, and the old fart snuck into my bedroom like he was the teenager. He kissed me and stroked me and asked me to strip for him. I slowly pushed him down between my thighs and spread my pussy lips apart. He was so eager that before I could tell him to he had pressed his face against my pussy and started sucking on my clit! He was very eager for everything I had to offer him that night! Does the idea of having horny young girl fucking you get you hard? Call me for a session and tell me everything you’d like to do to me.  Love and pussy licking. Mia


Ruby Wats To Do You

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 11.58.18 AM.png

Mommy Ruby runs a daycare for abdl boys and sissy girls. The daycare diaper lover Peter’s favorite place in the world to be! He says he feels little and babyish while he plays with the big silly babies like himself. He giggles and babbles while he sucks his puppy pacifier. Diaper lover Peter gurgles while crawls around the Phone Mommy Ruby’s big play area. He says he feels safe and warm in his big cozy abdl disaposable diaper. He feels so safe and warm that when his tummy rumbles and he feels a poopy coming he toddles to his favorite hidden baby spot and squats to create a mess. He’s so funny to listen to. He pushes and pushes and turns red faced to make a giant stinky doo doo in his crinkly diaper pants! I’d love to have an ABDL session with you! Love and stinky poops! Ruby


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Granny Gets it Done


Cum eating phone sex calls generally fall into the “forced” category like when a man wants to be forced to clean up his jizz after cumming or being forced to clean his woman’s cream pie after he or (in the case of a cuckold) her bull have filled her sweet pussy. Dolores 1-888-851-1772


Incest Phone Sex!

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 11.55.59 AM.png

I always look at other girls and their boyfriends and wonder, who needs a boy when you have a hot stud of a stepbrother who loves incest phone sex as much me! The first time I was left alone with him I realized he was all I needed! Our stepsister/stepbrother love is so intense that he said he wants me to be his girlfriend. Can you imagine? It would be a scandal. Not only is my sweet stepbrother more handsome than his father, he’s also a thousand times better in at fucking my pussy than his father is at fucking my mother’s! Yes he knows exactly where I like to be touched because I showed him and he is always sweet and takes his time when touching my tender princess parts. He’s my prince and I’m his princess. He makes sure his I cum before he even thinks about it. All this girl needs in the world is the love of her stepbrother. That’s the best kind of man to have in your life. It makes incest phone sex so much better! If you’d like in on the action call me today. 1-888-851-1772

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Love and incest always, Holly

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Phoebe In Charge

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 11.53.21 AM.png

I told you to clean up your room yesterday. It’s a terrible mess in there from where you’ve thrown your adult baby toys around. I’m a nanny, not a housekeeper..Put all your blocks and legos in their bins. What a bad boy your are hiding your dirty diapers under your bed. That’s why it’s so stinky. If you’re gonna poopy you have to tell Nanny Phoebe so we can do a proper diaper change. 

Stop crying and wipe your face and finish cleaning up your room…one it’s finished we can have all the abdl fun you want. Phoebe 1-888-851-1772

Phone A Diaper Girl

I’m not sure what went through my mind that made me think taking off my diaper and running through the house was a good idea. I probably thought it would be fun, like jumping in a rain puddle. Anything that’s as much fun as jumping up and down in a rain puddle is all right by me. But I’m sure you’re going to be like my daddy and say I’m a naughty diapered girl. But I like showing off my bare bottom. Still, I ended up getting my daddy’s hand smack against my tender little ass. He fussed and put me back in a diaper. Now I have a sore butt and a thick diaper.  If you’d like to give a sexy diapered girl a bare handed spanking, or a diapered spanking give me a call or come over to the phone sex forum to chat for free. Kisses and hand spanks! Lainey  1-888-851-1772


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Down and Dirty!

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 10.46.35 AM.png

Hi all you naughty ABDL’s. Wanna get down and dirty with Zoey? I am always wet and always ready to get as kinky and nasty with you! Cum and Call me for a sluty good time! Phone sex has never been as filthy as it is with me! Let me be the naughty Stepsister you’ve always dreamed about. I know you look at my boobies and want to touch them. Give me a call. I’m giving away free phone sex minutes with every call through November. You can also find me in the play room or the adult phone sex forum.  Zoey


Forced Diapering Experience!

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 10.44.30 AM.png

Scott knows he’s a perverted drunk, but it was funny to watch him try to figure out how he ended up in a diaper when he woke up Sunday morning. He tried so hard to figure out why he’d let his super hot MILF put him in a crinkly diaper! We met at the bar where I was out with girlfriend and he was already intoxicated when he started flirting with me. It didn’t take him long to start flirting or me long to realize he was so horny he’d agree to anything. When we got to my house I got him outta his clothes and pulled out a huge adult diaper. I told him the only way I’d fuck him was if he put the diaper on and made a hole for his gigantic cock to come through. He did it! He put the diaper on and fucked me with his dick hard and poking through the hole. When he woke up, though, his dick had shrunk back inside. If you’re ready for your diaper fuck, give your hot Milf Pammy a call. 1-888-851-1772

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No Spanking Phone Sex Today! It's Time for Enema Punishment!

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 10.41.55 AM.png

I have one very naughty phonesex abdl who can’t resist misbehaving. A few days ago, I decided I wasn’t going to give him the paddle spanking he deserved for his abdl punishment. Instead, I chose a different kind of punishment. I and gave the naughty phonesex abdl baby boy an enema.  I filled a bad with warm soapy water and attached a nozzle. When it came time to bend over, well, he didn’t like that at all. But after I filled his little ass with the enema I secured a new diaper and banished him to the corner while enema drained into his diaper. He hates dirty and wet diapers and told me he wasn’t going to let the enema release. He said he was going to squeeze his butt hole and hold it in. Poor baby. He lasted five minutes. Then I teased him about what a big cry baby he was, what a stinky poopy diaper he made, and the blush on his face was just adorable! If you think it’s time for your enema punishment phone sex, call me today. Or if you’re into medical fetish phone sex, that’s okay too. I have lots of instruments of pleasure and torture. 1-888-851-1772 Nurse Mary

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