Granny Beverly 

Bevery's Specialties: Attentive Granny/Loving Granny/Submissive/Diapering/Coddling/Breastfeeding

Hi, I'm your loving Granny Beverly and I see you're a little tantrum thrower. That's okay little one. You come sit on my lap and I'll kiss those tears away and make it all better. My lap always has room for a sweet Abie. I keep my cabinet full of the naughty toys you love.

We're going to play together all day and wear you out so that you'll go to bed like a good Abie. I'll rock you in my rocking chair and if you're hungry I'll let you suck milk from my boobies while I read you a bedtime story. 

I can't wait to chat with you! Connect with me in the playroom or in the forum. I love getting messages from my darling Abies. 

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