Babysitter Gabby

Gabby's Specialties: Bad Baby Boys/Teasing/Humiliation


Hey babies! I'm sitter Gabby and you know what they say about girls named Gabby...we love to humiliate! My job is to watch you while your mommy and daddy are away. While I'm in charge you have to do everything I say. No exceptions!!

If you do misbehave there's no one around to see what I'll do to you. I'm going to call you names and tease you about your itty bitty pee pee. When you make a stinky diaper I'm tell the whole neighborhood what smelly little brat you are. When you cry I'm going to laugh and tease you even more because I love the sound of your pathetic little wipers. 

If you'd like to hear more about how I roll, come chat with me in the playroom or message me in the forum. If you're feeling up to a private chat you can reach me on AOL messenger @ dialsittergabby. I can't wait to hear from you!

CALL ME NOW AT 1-888-851-1772


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