Nanny Abigail

Abigail's Specialties: Diaper Lover/Diapering/Age Regression


Hi, I'm your nanny, Abi and I adore big abies like you! Why do I like big boys? So I can age regress you into a little boys I can play house with. I have so many age regression fantasies that will titillate and humiliate you. My signature age regression magic is a fine powder I carry in a locket around my neck. I got the powder from a powerful voodoo priestess who lives deep in a bayou way down south. She ground up a mix of  at my request when I told her I wanted to turn big men into little babies in diapers. She had a good laugh about that and decided she liked my idea. She said men deserve to be made into the little babies they are. She made sure this powder is extra bad juju for anyone with a Y chromosome who dares to enter my personal space. When I blow it in your face you'll barely have time to blink before you become a miniature version of yourself. How about you? Do you dare? Give me a call and we'll see how you hold up against the spell . 

If you'd like to chat me up before investing in a call, leave a message for me in the Dial A Mommy forum or look for me in the playroom

CALL ME NOW AT 1-888-851-1772
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